Friday, May 20, 2011

Sprouted Wheat Berry Bread

If you’ve never tried sprouted wheat bread - I'm going to try to motivate you.  I used to (secretly) think that those who liked anything “sprouted” were tree huggers, or a bit “granola”.  I’ve obviously changed my mind - because I’m neither.  I used to buy this bread, but now I’ve found a great way to make it myself.

There’s a local brand of sprouted wheat bread (Granny’s Delight) that I’ve used for years - (and paid quite a premium price for, by the way).  It makes fabulous toast - which is the ultimate proof of a good loaf of bread.  I tried making cracked wheat bread to achieve that same texture (recipe HERE) - which is good, but this is now my preference.

I also tried just soaking cracked wheat - which helps.  But there’s something about achieving those cute little sprouts that really changes the whole flavor and texture altogether.  
Yes - it does take preplanning and forethought to soak and sprout your wheat a few days before.  That’s the price you pay for greatness.  No shortcuts here.

I always knew sprouting wheat was a good idea - I was, after all, raised in an LDS home where wheat was considered the “Staff of Life”.  My mother took all those classes in Relief Society - where they taught you how to make your own wheat anything.  

I have learned now that sprouting grains & beans makes them better for you.  It increases the vitamin C, folic acid, niacin, and riboflavin as much as 100 times when compared to unsprouted.  Sprouted grain breads are also higher in protein because of the sprouting process.  
When you sprout wheat, enzymes grow that help break down and neutralize phytic acid.  Without this acid present, it allows your body to absorb more zinc, calcium, copper, iron, and magnesium - making whatever you make with it better for you.

Eating bread made with spouts helps diabetics keep their sugar levels more even - because of it's low glycemic index.  

All these benefits aside - I sprout because it gives a unique earthy and nutty taste to bread.  All the other benefits are frosting on the cake (wait - can you make frosting from wheat berries?  No?)

For detailed recipe, instructions, and photos of the entire process - go to:


  1. ok Anne - I am going to try this... I am the LDS girl that stores wheat already ground ;o) (flour) not wheat... I suppose I'll grow into that - can I just buy wheat at the store and sprout it? Is there a special brand or name to look for? If this works, maybe I'll be tempted to start storing wheat and buy a wheat grinder... my mother would be so proud!!!!!
    Thanks - Erin

  2. Any wheat you purchase should work fine - unless it's been treated somehow, but I've never seen them do that. I've noticed several stores have bins you can purchase by the pound - even whole wheat that has been ground for you. This bread is a mix of white and whole wheat flours, with the chopped wheat berries added in. You might want to try that first before buying a grinder (but I love mine...) Natural foods markets are all over the country - it's the new trend - so I'm sure there are some in your area. Good luck!