Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lemon Glazed Cheesecake -

I prefer creamy, baked versions, but refrigerated cheesecakes have their place - especially during a long stretch of HOT weather.  These pretty zig-zag stripes of lemon curd broke down my resistance to yet another cheesecake recipe.  The extra effort making this amazing lemon curd topping is so worth it...  I've included one improvement in my version that makes it almost foolproof to add the piped lemon curd (found in the directions when you follow the link below).

Trying a new recipe always makes me think of "next time"...

In the case of this wonderful recipe (from Cooks Country Magazine - June/July 2010)  I would use my favorite baked cheesecake recipe and use this topping method to finish it off.  This "icebox" version is just fine for dessert on a hot summer day.  And as far as it being "light" - judge for yourself (the only thing missing is the eggs - and the heavy cream cancels that out¡?)

My old standby baked cheesecake recipe has an awesome sour cream topping.  If I were to add this lemon curd glaze to it - THAT would be one amazing dessert.  I don't think any person could truly appreciate all that decadence in one sitting - so maybe I'll rethink that one.  For this recipe, as well as detailed photos & instructions - go to:

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