Thursday, July 1, 2010

Basil/Lime Buttermilk Grilled Chicken. (That's right... buttermilk)

Can one ever have too many good recipes for chicken on the grill?  I think not...  This recipe keeps your taste-buds busy trying to figure out what the ‘secret’ ingredient is.  It’s actually not ONE, but a combination of flavors that compliment each other so well.  Who knew that buttermilk could be the star of the BBQ grill?

I have several grilled chicken recipes that I use over and over again, but I’m always willing to try another one.  This recipe started out on, and then was changed up by, (both awesome sites...)  Being a true ‘tweaker’ by nature, I changed it from there once again.  It's all about personal tastes, you know.  

You know you’ll never find a ‘low-fat’ version of anything on this site, so check out the other links if you are concerned about the fat content.  The addition of a little bit of oil made a big difference because it made the chicken maintain moisture and not stick to the grill.

I’ve found that the humble ziploc bag is a great way to marinade.  I fill a gallon-size ziploc with the chicken, pour the marinade over the top, seal it up, and then slosh it back and forth a few times to distribute the marinade evenly.  I then place it on a half-size baking sheet and - since it’s such a shallow container - it’s fairly easy to fit it in the refrigerator.  

When I’m ready to fire up the grill, a baking sheet is so much more stable to handle than an ice cream bucket or a bowl.  It also gives me a work surface to place my BBQ tools, extra marinade, seasonings, etc...

This chicken was a hit with everyone who tried it.  The fresh basil (which is about the only thing that survived the monsoon in my garden this spring) added such great flavor, and the fresh lime juice/zest gave it just a bit of zing.  

I saved the leftovers and sliced them very thin to serve with salads, leftover potatoes, and even on sandwiches.  I’m not claiming any credit, but hot or cold, this chicken is superb.

For the recipe, photos, and directions - go to:

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  1. Looks like a great summer recipe. Cute plates! I almost bought some just like them at a little shop in Laguna Beach the other day.