Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mini Mac 'n Cheese Cups

(We didn't have time to focus on photography... in the heat of the moment, we were lucky to get these)

This is a fun idea for either a main dish item in a buffet, or to serve as an appetizer for a party, shower, or other event.  These are a bit more “special” than regular mac ‘n cheese, but still have the same appeal for those who crave a little comfort food.  Small portions are easy to serve (and hard to resist!)

My daughters & daughter-in-law hosted a baby shower for my daughter-in-law Rachel last weekend.  I love to turn events over to them - they enjoy a challenge and an opportunity to use their talents.  (And I love the fact that it turns out beautifully and all I have to do is pay for it!)  

Since it was an evening shower, and several who were invited came straight from work - we made it a light buffet.  Plenty to choose from if really hungry, but also not too heavy if they were on their way to dinner afterward.

We served Mrs. Mecham’s Salad, mini-muffins, single serve size Key Lime Pies, and Chocolate Mousse.  (We always have to serve Orange Water too)  These little Mac ‘n Cheese Cups went well with everything else, and were easy to serve.

My daughter-in-law Rachel loves an occasional splurge of Fried Mac ‘n Cheese at Cheesecake Factory - and we wanted to serve a few of her favorites (notice the Sour Patch Kids)

I won’t lie - the Boursin Garlic & Herb Cheese was a little pricier than I anticipated.  But the flavor was marvelous.  I had my doubts as I combined everything and put it into the cups - but I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty they were.

These warm in the microwave, but don’t have the same great texture as when they are fresh from the oven.  (Microwaving is a little tricky if you use metallic muffin cup liners as I did... always remove first.)  I made them an hour before, and then kept them in a warm oven until serving.

For the recipe - go to:

If you're interested - here are a few things we did at the shower.  Thanks to my wonderful daughters & daughter-in-law who put their heads together (by phone & internet & Pinterest) - this turned out to be a really fun night!

Rachel loves everything BUTTERFLIES...
We had fun rounding up the butterfly LED string lights, poking butterflies into
the wheat grass pots (instructions are HERE),  and spray painting the plates we found
at DI.  We used a fun little item called Serve It Up to stack the plates into tiered stands.

Using Rachel's nursery colors (orange, purple, and pink) - I had so much fun
making this butterfly quilt.  Can't wait to see my new little granddaughter in it...
This game is self-explanatory - but it was so much fun.  

The high chair (my husband made this for our kids - it folds down into a rocking chair)
made a great place to set up the Baby Scents game.  Guessing what each baby food was
was much harder than you would have expected.
My daughter Aryn adapted one of our favorite games (Telestrations)
using baby terms.  Like the telephone game, but drawing what you pass along.
My sister sketched out (what she thought) was "Baby Blanket"
My guess?  "Diaper Pail".
We won't say what this one was...
Rachel is going to make a beautiful mother.  Can't wait.

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