Monday, July 29, 2013

Cheesy Summer Squash Bake

The heat is on, and so is the squash!  I spend 9 months of the year wishing I didn’t have to buy it at the grocery store, and then when it comes on, it’s here in a BIG way.  I found this on a book club website - which was so interesting.  I adapted it so it wasn’t so “seedy” - and I think we have a keeper.

All summer squash is welcomed around here with open arms (for the first week, anyway).  Like most families - my kids would tolerate it well for the first few recipes - and then they would start eyeing everything with suspicion for flecks of green & yellow.  

This recipe makes no apologies for the fact that it has squash.  But it’s more “likable” because I  decided to scoop out the seeds first.  That gives you two advantages.  One - the amount of water that seeps out of the squash as it cooks is reduced a LOT.  Two - those picky eaters spend a lot less time removing the seeds before they enjoy it.  

I also appreciated the fact that there is no “cream-of-something” soup in this recipe.  It doesn’t need it.  The Ritz cracker crumbs, egg, and milk add a great texture to the casserole without adding condensed soup.  

Then... there’s the cheese.  Squash is so bland that it really needs something to get you invested in a dish where it is the main ingredient.  

I decided to use my microwave to pre-cook the squash and onion - couldn’t be simpler.  From start to finish - this took me about 15 minutes to get ready to bake in the oven.  Another half hour to bake - and you have a delicious (non-seedy) side dish that is a great addition to a summer meal.  

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