Thursday, June 6, 2013


Whenever these were found on our kitchen counter, my kids reacted as if Santa had shown up in July.  This has to be one of the top 10 ultimate treats in my family.  If you’ve never tried them (how can that be possible?) - you have a better chance of maintaining your ideal weight (but look at what you miss!)

I’ve tried to add favorites from our past lately because my kids have been reminiscing.  Whenever we get together for any event - I try to make one thing from their childhood years.  This one they have deemed irresistible (and I concur).

Two important family events happened this past weekend - and all my family came to support each other as these ordinances were performed.  One was the blessing of my youngest daughter’s first baby girl, Kate.  We also celebrated the baptism of my 2nd oldest grandchild, Amie.  As always - we had enough food to feed the masses.  

There were just a few of these left in the kitchen as everyone arrived.  It didn’t take long for them to evaporate into thin air.  Some treats are like that - you can’t get enough.

I tried something a little different this time.  I used crunchy peanut butter (because someone accidentally opened “crunchy” when they were looking for “creamy”).  

I added an extra 1/2 cup just to see what happened - and I was pleasantly surprised.  That extra addition of peanuts was fabulous.  It also made them a little less “sticky”- and easier to bite into.

I use a bench scraper to cut these - it makes them look very even and professional.  

The smaller you cut them, the longer they last...

I'm 99.9% sure you will LOVE this recipe, found at:


  1. LOVE this recipe! I haven't tried it yet with crunchy peanut butter. I will have to do that. One thing I do differently is put half of the rice krispy mixture in the pan, then put on the chocolate/butterscotch mixture, then the rest of the rice krispy mixture. We love chocolate/butterscotch in the middle.

  2. What a GREAT idea! That is genius... I'm going to try that next time. I'm sure it would make the topping less messy with kids also (?) Thanks!