Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chicken Divan

This adds another dimension to the Chicken Broccoli Curry my family has always liked - rice.  The rice lightens it up, and makes it go further.  Of course - the thing that makes it unique is that tiny touch of curry.  It’s so subtle, everyone asks “what’s in this?”  Without it - it’s just another chicken casserole.

I realize that canned creamed soups are not as popular as they were back in the ’70’s and ’80’s - but they can take a few steps out of most casserole recipes.  It’s hard to make a casserole as creamy without that trusty canned soup.  

So for recipes like this one - I don’t give that a second thought, and I reach for the convenient can.  

I never have good luck with rice cookers - and I’ve found a great way to cook rice without the usual boil-overs.  Not sure where I heard about this - but all you do is place a paper towel over the saucepan and clamp on the lid.  Make sure you bring the rice to a boil beforehand, and turn it to low before covering it.  No mess - and fluffy rice every time.

I’ve become hard to please the older I get.  I don’t enjoy leftovers at all - so I have started to split a casserole between two containers.  

One to keep at home - and one to give away.  I use the round (cake-size) tins that have a foil lid for meals I give away.  Just enough for 2-4 people.  

This version of our old family favorite (which you’ll find HERE) is just as good.  But also try this one with rice and a little less “sauce” and see what you think.

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