Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Creamy Ro*Tel Enchiladas

For the creamiest enchiladas ever - this recipe includes cream cheese, whipping cream, and Ro*Tel (oh... and don’t forget the chicken & cheese)  This is not health food, I know.  Just a great weeknight comfort dish.  A serving of these is great incentive to work out at the gym (for an extra long time...)

I would wager that every single family in the USA has their own version of creamy chicken enchiladas.  Most of them contain sour cream and cream-of-something condensed soup.

This one, however, is different.  It has a bit of a kick (depending on the heat of the Ro*Tel tomato mixture you are using.  Adjust according to your own family “heat index”.

Ro*Tel began in 1943 in a small family canning plant in Elsa, Texas.  Carl Roettele and his wife processed over 25,000 cases of vegetables a year - but their specialty was tomatoes with green chilies.  He changed the spelling on the cans because he knew no one would be able to spell (or pronounce) “Roettele”.  Soon, the wife of a popular politician in Washington bragged to a national magazine about her chili recipe.  She revealed to them the secret ingredient that made her chili better than anyone else’s - Ro*Tel tomatoes with green chilies.

The blend of these tomatoes together with diced chicken and the creamy sauce(s) is legendary.  Making them with flour tortillas helps them hold together much better than corn tortillas.  

These are especially good warmed in the microwave as leftovers (they were a hot item around here until they were gone a day later).

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