Monday, April 1, 2013

Chicken Alfredo Pot Pie

This recipe, though simple - will really surprise you.  It’s fast, easy, and absolutely great.  Haven’t found anyone who doesn’t like it (broccoli disclaimer... good luck with those who don’t love this vegetable - you could always change it to asparagus, zucchini, mixed veggies, or others).  Enjoy!

I’ve spent the past week helping my daughter Whitney after the birth of their first baby, and it’s been so fun.  Is there anything as beautiful as a brand new baby's feet and toes?

My 11th grandchild's name is "Kate".
I've nicknamed her "CUP-Kate" - she's just delicious!

Cooking in someone else’s kitchen is always a learning curve for me, but about the time I go home - I can empty the dishwasher and know where everything belongs.

I decided to try this recipe because Whitney had two packages of refrigerated crescent rolls that needed to be used.  I picked up a bottle of Alfredo sauce, some broccoli florets, and some rotisserie chicken - and we had an instant meal.

I’m not a fan of refrigerated crescent rolls for many reasons.  Number ONE:  opening the package is like popping a balloon (on purpose!)  Not fun waiting for the explosion (and I always let out a scream - which makes my kids/grandkids laugh)  Number TWO:  They are so hard to pull apart and unroll - I always massacre them.  Number THREE:  They are certainly not on my top ten healthy foods list.

But all that aside, crescent rolls work beautifully in this recipe.  It doesn’t matter if they look like road kill, because they turn into something lovely as they bake.  (What doesn’t look lovely blanketed in parmesan cheese anyway?)  There is no need to seal the edges together - which makes me an instant fan.

And... by the way:  did you know you can FREEZE canned crescent rolls?  Whitney purchased several 6 months ago and uses them thawed after freezing.  No problem so far...

This is a great recipe for when you want to look like you put a lot of effort into dinner (but didn’t want to)  It’s wonderful reheated in the oven (but be careful rewarming in the microwave, as that will make the bread tough)

For the simple recipe, go to:

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