Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rosy Pink Grapefruit Slush

A perfect cool drink to end a warm day, or a pretty addition to a shower menu - this slush recipe is one of my favorites.  Just a few easy steps to get it ready for the freezer, and then it’s there anytime you need it.  All you do to serve it is use an ice cream scoop to portion it into a cup, then top with Sprite.

I first tried a similar slush at a buffet years ago, but then I couldn't ever locate the person who made it.  I was thinking of it when we planned my daughter’s baby shower last February.  I googled the ingredients and found it (at least I think this is the one... sure tastes like it)

This is perfect when you want a little something sweet after dinner (but not quite dessert).  It keeps a long time in the freezer in a standard ice cream bucket.

You can use canned or fresh grapefruit, but I prefer fresh.  It’s easy to find in the grocery or warehouse store (such as Costco or Sam’s Club)  I also located PRE-chopped maraschino cherries (at Orson Gygi’s in SLC)  That saves a lot of chopping time (and red fingers & cutting board)

My daughter-in-law Rachel made this for the brunch at Whitney’s baby shower and it went so well with the other items there.  Such a beautiful rosy color.

I plan to keep this in the freezer all through the coming summer.  This time I halved the recipe, and it made half of a gallon-size ice cream bucket.

You'll find the recipe at:

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