Monday, March 25, 2013

Ham & Egg Cups - for any occasion...

Looking for individual servings of quiche for a shower or brunch?  Easter Breakfast?  Christmas Brunch?  These were so quick & simple to make.  We made them the night before, then rewarmed them briefly just before a baby shower.  They were easy to serve on a plate or hold in your hand.

I fully intended to make small, individual quiches in muffin cups for my daughter Whitney’s baby shower in early February.  But as it got closer, I realized there simply was no time.  My mother was very ill and needed me at her side.  We improvised.  That’s how many (good) ideas start... by last minute changes to what is happening in your life.

My three daughters visiting with my wonderful Mom at the
Hospice Center a few days before Whitney's shower.
Their Grandma Pendleton passed away a few days later.
My newest little grandson - Scotty had just been given
 a name & a blessing the week before.
Heaven & earth are so close at times like this...

I bought deli ham (choose ham that is as round in shape as possible - you’ll find that most are oblong...) and had them slice it a little thicker than you would for sandwiches.  In retrospect though, I would have preferred it more thin than thick.  The slices would be easier to “ruffle” out when placed in the cup. 

I allowed about 1-2 eggs per serving, beating them with a little milk.  After arranging the ham in each muffin cup - I cut spinach in thin ribbons and placed it in the bottom.  Then I added some sliced green onion and a nice pinch of cheese.  

Any number of fillings would be great - think broccoli, mushrooms, green pepper, anything Italian or Mexican... go a little crazy and see what you come up with to fit with your theme.

The finishing touch was pouring just enough egg mixture into each cup to cover the items arranged in the bottom.  

After baking at 325° just long enough for the eggs to set (I can’t give you an exact time, as the amount and # of ingredients you use will be different than mine) - allow them to stand at room temperature and then refrigerate until needed.  *Note:  Be careful not to bake too long, as the ham is sweet and might char along the outer edge, as you can see.  It was still great however...

We rewarmed ours for about 20 minutes at 300° and set them into foil cupcake liners.  Even if they are slightly cold, they are still delicious.  

This is it, as far as the "recipe" goes... but if you want to view it without the shower details - go to:

We served these with yogurt parfaits, mini cinnamon rolls, and a refreshing grapefruit/cherry/pineapple slush.  I’ll post the slush recipe (from my daughter-in-law Rachel) - coming soon. 

Here are a few photos of the shower... my daughters & daughters-in-law were the quintessential party planning machine!  All I had to do was show up...

Whitney loves owls... her sisters & sisters-in-law made these fun little owls
from old sweaters and socks, mixed with a few scraps of felt & crocheted their feet.

Yogurt parfaits... easy.  Mix together Greek Yogurt with fresh strawberry jam.
Layer with granola and fresh blueberries & diced strawberries.  

My daughter-in-law Tara made these sweet little mini-cinnamon rolls.
Baked her favorite recipe a little smaller, and placed them in mini-muffin tins.
Drizzle with powdered sugar glaze and set in mini muffin papers on a serving tray.

That little owl onesie was the cutest thing.
Clothes-pinned to their banner in hot pinks made it even cuter.

Whitney's little one - (her name has not been revealed yet - "Baby K" for now)
will be wearing a new outfit every few hours...

Fun idea for a baby shower.  Write a message to Mom & Dad for late night diaper changes.

Of course there was an owl on top of the diaper cake (made by Tara)

Sweet little owl cap (made by sister-in-law Tara) for Baby "K"...
(By the way,  Baby K is due any minute now... just waiting for the phone call)

Whitney (far left), cousin Kim, sister Aryn, cousin Cassen, & sister Melyn (at back)

Tara's sweet little Mae Ann modeling her future cousin's owl hat...

Whitney with her college roommates & high school friends.

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  1. What cute ideas for a shower. LOVE the owl hat! Do you have a pattern?