Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BBQ Spareribs - Stovetop or Oven

It's been a long absence, but sometimes more important things trump blogging.  My sweet mother - Leah Peacock Pendleton - passed away on February 13, 2013 after her third fight with cancer.  During her 2 week hospital stay - we had some important events at my house:  Baby blessing of my newest grandson, baby shower for my daughter, and eventually a funeral shortly after.  A LOT of cooking went on during these past few months, and I'll get back to posting some of those great recipes soon.

My sweet mother - Leah Peacock Pendleton
She would have turned 86 years old on March 30th.
Her Thyroid Cancer was probably a result of watching the
nuclear testing blasts from my Dad's back porch in St. George, Utah.

I've posted many of my mother's recipes on this blog.  She grew up on a farm in tiny Orangeville, Utah during the Depression and learned to make a feast out of next-to-nothing.  As I've been clearing out her home to sell, it was like stepping back in time to see the special touches there.  

Mom's cozy little kitchen.  I did dishes in that sink
(by HAND - no dishwasher) for most of my childhood.

Mom was very organized.  She inventoried EVERYTHING
that she put into her storage room & freezer.  

She never wasted space.  The bottles (wrapped in newspaper)
were filled with water when the fruit was used.
Next time she canned fruit, she emptied the water to do so.

These bowls & casserole dishes just spell "HOME" to me.

You could tell Mom grew up in the Depression.
She washed her plastic wrap & foil - then wound the pieces
around an old paper towel tube & RE-used them till they fell apart.

This recipe is complements of my daughter Aryn.  During these past very busy months, she and her sisters took over my kitchen while I took care of more pressing matters.  These ribs were absolutely delicious, required no unusual ingredients, and were just the right flavor.  This recipe is going to go down in history...

We had many people staying at the house during these many events - and my daughter Aryn rallied my other daughters to help put food on the table while I was at the hospital & hospice center.  This was one of many great meals they made which everyone loved - just like their Grandmother's.

These ribs were fantastic.  So tender, and the sauce was not overpowering at all.  

After a month passed (and I was still at Mom's home boxing things up) - I tried these myself in the oven (instead of the stovetop)  They were just as good, but took a little longer to slow cook.  

Adding to these ribs a big pot of rice and a green salad really worked wonders during all the emotional ups and downs.

You'll find the recipe at:


  1. Oh Anne - so sorry to hear about your mother. What wonderful girls you have to helpout thru such a difficult time. Trying these ribs this weekend!

  2. I'm so sorry about your mom! Glad to see you "back".......we love your recipes!

  3. So sorry to hear about your mother. Our mother's are such a wonderful influence on our lives. My mother will be 86 in September. I have realized how lucky I am to still have her in my life. Thanks for your sweet reminiscences. They brought back many memories.

  4. My condolences on your mom's passing. Good to have you back :)