Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cake Pops - bite sized sweet treat for a buffet.

I am probably the last one to join the cake pop trend, but I’m glad I gave it a try before it goes the way of all trends.  I needed an easy-to-eat, bite-sized sweet treat for a baby shower a few weeks ago.  These were easy to hold one-handed, looked great on a buffet, and they were really delicious.

My daughters and daughters-in-law held a shower for my daughter Melyn - and we finally tried our hand at CAKE POPS.  (You’re probably wondering “where have YOU been?!”)

Bakerella started all this buzz a few years back and it seems to me that the trend isn’t falling off as quickly as I expected it to.  I’m guessing it’s probably because these little treats are a little easier to manage than an elegantly frosted cupcake in a buffet situation.  

Don’t get me wrong about cupcakes - I like them as well as anyone.  I just hate peeling off the cupcake paper and trying to maintain my composure as I try to take lady-like bites visiting in a group.  

Although cupcakes have been around a LONG time, I have a feeling their days of being the latest food trend are numbered.  Food trends don’t last long, especially nowadays - when things like Pinterest, Reality TV, and all-things PARTY change almost hourly.

Ever make you wonder “what’s next?”  Me too.  But before you think on that for long, try making these just for fun.  They are very easy to serve, and as long as you can take just one (or two?) - they are the perfect size for a lady-like treat.

You'll find detailed instructions for making cake pops, as well as both varieties of chocolate and vanilla cake filling with the cream cheese buttercream frosting recipe that holds it all together - at: 

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