Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Frost Zucchini Cake

* For those of you who have made this prior to my update (on Oct 18, 2012) - please forgive me for the mistake in the recipe.  I have corrected it as of now, and added the missing eggs

Super moist, and packed with chocolate - you will never suspect that zucchini is a major ingredient in this cake.  It is so delicious, you won’t even think about frosting.  Topped with brown sugar and chocolate chips - the top is dimpled and shiny.  Frosting would hide that beautiful sheen - it’s just not needed.

Seems like I never pay attention to zucchini recipes until I’m buried in it - sound familiar?  Well, this year there was a shortage of zucchini in my neighborhood because nobody planted it.  I’m almost ashamed to admit that I had to BUY it (that’s like paying for AIR when it’s all around you outside!) 

But it was worth it because I could try this recipe.  When it finally cooled overnight, I thought the chocolate would harden slightly - but it’s still creamy and smooth in each bite.  

If you’ve ever tried using a mixer to make anything with shredded zucchini - you’re familiar with what happens.  It’s like trying to untangle a shredded rope from around the beaters.  This recipe uses a technique that makes that problem a thing of the past.  The eggs & oil are beaten first, then added to the well-mixed dry ingredients.  The batter is ultra-thick, and you might think you’ve ruined it - but no worries.  The zucchini and chips are added last by folding in with a spatula.  

I would have added chopped nuts, but then I wouldn’t be able to leave this alone.  Somehow all my children developed a healthy dislike for nuts in anything - which (in my opinion) takes away a big dimension of pleasure in eating.  But with nuts - or without - this cake is a winner.  

If (somehow) you feel it needs some kind of additional chocolate - you could drizzle on some Hershey’s ice cream syrup.  It would be even better topped with a scoop of ice cream though.

So.  Next year I’m planting some zucchini.  This has been a dry year (in more ways than one)

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