Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hearty Autumn Soup

This has been a family favorite for several years now, and I just realized I haven’t posted it yet.  This (very easy, simple) soup just tastes like FALL to me.  Since Fall is so packed with all those good things (football games, playing in the leaves, harvesting and cleaning out the garden, etc) - I love that it’s ready in literally minutes.

Twelve years ago, my husband was going through chemo & radiation every single day for six weeks.  That involved picking him up halfway through the work day, traveling half an hour, hanging out in a waiting room forever, and traveling home in rush hour traffic.  Pretty soon, nothing tasted good to him - people are right when they say that cancer treatment makes everything taste like metal.  

During that time our wonderful friends and neighbors, the Desmonds (and SO many others, bless them all!)  brought several meals to us - and this was one of Jay’s favorites.  It was about the only thing that tasted good to him during that time.  I’m not exactly sure why - chemo wreaks havoc with your taste buds.  

Now - all these years later, my kids and I still love this soup because of that kindness shown to us.  Sherrie’s husband, Lynn, also “rewarded” Jay every Friday at the end of another week of treatment with a Marie Calendar pie of his choice.  Fridays were awesome!

When I asked Sherrie for the recipe, I was surprised at how easy it was.  The only thing involving any prep at all was browning the ground beef and onion.  Convenience foods are lifesavers at times like this.

So, as you are heading in so many directions during this busy season - soups like this one can simplify your life.  

For the recipe, go to:

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