Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mango Mousse

Mango is perfect to use in this light, creamy mousse.  My favorite mango right now is the Champagne  (Ataulfo) Mango - with a velvety, fragrant, sweet, smooth texture.  Packed with vitamins C & A, they have a beautiful color and flavor.  Top with cream and a few more diced mangos - deliciously different.

Since starting to add a green smoothie to my breakfast every day, I usually have a mango of one kind or another handy.  Lately I noticed this new Champagne variety - and now I don’t bother with the other varieties any more.  When fully ripe, they turn from a soft green to a deep golden yellow, and develop wrinkles (everything is sweeter with wrinkles!).  The typical shelf life of this type of mango is 7-14 days - a LOT better than bananas!

The mango has such a large seed that it was too big to be carried by water or wind.  So it had to be hand carried to be introduced into Africa, then Brazil, Mexico, and finally the United States in 1860.  Most people are afraid to try the mango because the seed (at first glance) seems intimidating to remove.  Just remember that it has a thin pit in the very core.  When you slice it, try to cut slightly off center to avoid it.  You cut it in half by slicing off it’s sides.  There will be a little “meat” on the pit of the mango, which you can remove with your knife if you wish.  

I decided to try these mangos in a dessert - and a mousse seemed like the right thing to do.  The flesh of the mango has a good deal of pulp, so a good blender or food processor is necessary to make it completely smooth.  A tiny bit of unflavored gelatin then works with that texture to firm it up just enough.  

This is a lightly sweet, creamy spring dessert.  If you want to try it with the Champagne variety of mango - they are in season until July.

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