Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grand America Bread Pudding

Even if you’ve spent your life thinking that Bread Pudding is not for you - you owe it to yourself to experience this version.  The Garden Cafe at the Grand America Hotel claims this as it’s signature dessert.  The secret is in the “bread” that is used (buttery croissants) & the amazing sauce.

During the Christmas holidays last year, I wanted to start a new tradition with the girls in my family (my daughters, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters).  

I wanted to take them to the lunch buffet at the beautiful Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.  If the food weren’t amazing enough, the decor and surroundings are more than worth it.  

My daughter-in-law Rachel persuaded us to try the bread pudding - which I wasn’t particularly excited for - as it’s not a “vanity” dessert that would stop traffic in a beautiful buffet.  There were so many choices for dessert, we really didn’t even know it was there.  I took her advice and went back for just a “taste”.  

Moist, tender, buttery, and did I mention the SAUCE??  Legendary.  Period.  We went back several times, once we discovered it’s hidden charm - and wished we had saved room for more.  As we sat there talking around the table about it - we wished we could find the recipe.  Another table overheard us, and mentioned that if we asked our waiter - sometimes they share it.  

My daughter summoned up enough courage to ask, and before we knew it - the recipe was in my hands.  I’ve dreamed of trying it for the past six months, and it really is “THE” recipe.  

This isn’t difficult to make, and it just takes a short time to get it ready to bake for 1 hour.  Rachel went out and purchased the ingredients and we had a great time putting it together last night.  As it baked, we kept saying to each other “Yup.  That’s IT!  Smells just like it...”  

Try it initially with just a touch of sauce, then (if you’re like us) - you’ll be drowning the pudding with an embarrassing amount...

For the recipe, go to:

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  1. I made this and LOVED it - never had bread pudding before and I'll never eat any other than this - croissants, eggs, cream... LOVE!!!
    Thanks for sharing!