Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lemon Melting Moments

There seem to be two types of cookies that go under this name.  This is (supposed to be) the Australian version - a sandwich cookie, with a buttery filling.  The touch of lemon is so subtle, and these live up to their name (literally).  These get more buttery-soft as they age... if you are capable of resisting them that long

The other type of Melting Moment is similar to Italian Wedding Cookies.  Those are lemony also, and (unlike Italian Wedding Cookies) do not have nuts.  They are dusted with powdered sugar, and you have to eat them with caution (taking care you don’t INHALE as you take a bite - NOT recommended, as you may have experienced yourself!)

Two things help this cookie live up to it’s name.  One - any cookie made with butter has to be wonderful.  Two - cornstarch in the dough improves the texture from your standard shortbread to a silky-smooth, falls-apart-in-your-mouth experience.  

It doesn’t hurt to have a lemony, buttery filling either.  That bumps them up a notch.  However, next time I’m going to press the cookies a little flatter.  I’m also not going to sandwich them - that yields TWICE the number of cookies and should make them last longer.  

You won’t see the cute little lines on the cookie that way, but that won’t matter.  I might just try drizzling them with a lemon glaze instead of the fluffy filling.  There’s plenty of butter to satisfy even the pickiest cookie connoisseur.  

This cookie recipe is all over the web, and it’s hard to identify it’s original source... but thanks to the unselfish person who brought it out in the light!

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