Monday, April 9, 2012

Creamy Glazed Orange Crescents

It’s so disappointing to anticipate enjoying a delicious looking sweet roll, only to find it’s dry and tasteless.  These rolls don’t stand a chance of being dry, as they are drenched in a barely sweet, buttery, creamy glaze.  I opted to leave out the toasted coconut - but it adds a tropical flavor & texture if you add it.

I’ve made sour cream yeast doughs before, and they yield rolls that stay moist for a long time.  This recipe uses sour cream in both the dough AND the glaze.  

These are not your standard orange rolls.  The filling is simply sugar and orange peel - stirred enough to “rub” the orange oils in.  The sugar turns a delicate shade of orange and tastes wonderful.  You can add toasted coconut at this point if you wish.  Coconut in my family would doom them untouchable - so I left mine plain.

The creamy orange glaze is boiled together during the last few minutes of baking time, then poured over the rolls while still hot from the oven.  Next time I'll bake mine until they were a deep golden brown - as the glaze softens them up significantly.

I made these the night before Easter (so I could sleep in) and they were as good as the day they were made when warmed (briefly) in the microwave.  Even two days later, they are still delicious.  
These make a great breakfast or brunch item for Easter, or any beautiful spring day.

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