Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Smokeless S'mores

If you are still in love with the official “S’mores Experience” - disregard this post.  After years of fishing my little guys out of a firepit and wondering which kid will lose an eye from a stray roasting stick - this recipe looked really GOOD.  Another advantage - the first bite doesn’t shatter & ooze.

I like a perfectly browned marshmallow straight from being roasted over hot coals.  Nothing like pulling off that crispy outer shell, then returning what’s left to the fire once again.  One of my favorite things to do is letting my grandkids roast marshmallows in my wood-burning stove.  For the most part - we stay smoke-free and enjoy all the benefits when roasting indoors.

Sometimes though, I crave all the good things about S’mores - but jumping through the hoops isn't worth the hassle.  I’ve seen just about every variation of S’mores imaginable - and they are good, but none are quite THIS good.
Bake in parchment lined pan for easy removal & cutting.

This is a combination of a soft, chewy graham cracker cookie - topped with Hershey’s famous chocolate bar, marshmallow creme, then finally garnished with tender graham cracker cookie nuggets.

I didn’t expect to like these much at all.  I’m pleasantly surprised.

No sticky fingers, sooty faces, pine gum on your pants - you get the picture...

For the recipe, go to:

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