Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baguette - Streamlined.

I’ve made the classic “artisan” baguette, but this version is my favorite.  If you have plenty of time - the classic version is fun to try (I’ll post that next)

Classic Baguette - notice the different "open" texture.
This recipe was loved by my family either fresh from the oven, or after a day or two.  It’s quick, uncomplicated, and perfect to use in appetizers or with a meal.

There’s nothing like fresh baked baguette with any meal.  My family loves it.  Anyone has the ingredients in their kitchen.  The only difference (in my humble un-Italian opinion) - is time.  There is a difference in flavor the longer the yeast works - but not enough that it’s worth it to me to pay attention to it for over 20 hours.

My next post will be the “classic” baguette.  It would be a great bread to play with when I’m stuck in the house during a blizzard this winter.  

I found (another) fun kitchen gadget recently that makes baguette-baking even more of a breeze.  Some people like shopping at the mall.  MY dream shopping trip is going to a specialty cooking store such as William’s Sonoma or Spoons ‘n Spice.  Another fun place is at Kitchen Kneads in Logan, Utah.  I could spend most of the day slowwwwllllly making my way up each aisle, picking up and examining every gadget there.  
That’s where I found the Chicago Metallic Perforated Baguette Pan shown below (non-stick makes it even better)  It makes a huge difference in how baguette bread turns out.  It bakes evenly on all sides, and I love the little dotted pattern it makes on the underside of the bread - no flat, overbaked bottom edge.

If you don’t have one of these pans, you can still make a great baguette - so don’t let that stop you.  (See my earlier post HERE - which makes a more “bread-like” baguette)  I’ve made this baguette several times, and recently tried making it in my food processor on the dough setting - which is so EASY and fast.  I’ve included instructions for a stand mixer/breadmaking machine - as well as the food processor version in the recipe link below.

For both bread machine & food processor versions of this recipe - go to:

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  1. I love spending time at kitchen stores too. I've had my eye on that pan as well. Great baguettes.