Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cold Oven Pound Cake w/Berries & White Chocolate Sauce

This pound cake is perfect alone, but is absolutely beautiful garnished with fresh berries.  Just when you think it can’t get better - this smooth, creamy white chocolate sauce is a perfect finish.  Just sweet enough - without a mountain of whipping cream to hide the textures and flavors.  Easter dessert is ready...

I’ve tried “cold oven” cakes before - and they are dense and rich (see my post last September for “Cream Cheese Pound Cake”)  The difference between those attempts and this one is less sugar, fresh lemon zest, and the addition of leavening.  This yielded a night & day difference.
It’s found in the book “Cake Keeper Cakes” - a book of over 100 recipes for amazing cakes.  This recipe really is a “keeper”...  
I decided not to add frosting, but wanted to give it a finishing touch of some kind.  A dusting of powdered sugar was beautiful - but I wanted something more.  

I remembered the “White Chocolate Drizzle” from the Tuxedo Chocolate Bowls last July.  I didn’t want this sauce to set up and harden once it hit the cold berries - so I searched to find out what will keep chocolate from hardening.  Answer = cream + butter.  

After experimenting, these proportions stay just thick enough (even after refrigerating) - without hardening.  This sauce turned out to be wonderful... I could drink it (as long as calories don’t count over Easter Weekend)

The white chocolate sauce seeps into the tender cake and also coats the berries with a white sheen.  No messy whipping cream to make at the last minute.  I'm happy to keep it in a syrup dispenser in the refrigerator - ready at a moment’s notice.

For the recipes for both this pound cake and the white chocolate sauce - go to:


  1. The sauce sounds like a perfect finish. You're going to have one happy family the Easter.

  2. I made a pound cake to take to a women's retreat this past weekend - I used my recipe, which is similar to this one, but did the cold oven technique - my pound cake browns too much on the sides and bottom of the cake (regardless of the pan I use - darn gas oven...) and this worked - perfect cake with sides and a bottom that weren't too brown! I extended my times a bit but it worked perfectly! I'll never bake it any other way!
    Erin McMilon