Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuxedo Chocolate Bowls

One of my favorite quotes is “We act as though comfort & luxury are the chief requirements in life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”  (Charles Kingsley)  For me, all it takes is a new recipe challenge like this one to infuse me with enthusiasm.  

Dark chocolate is one of my guilty pleasures - but adding the contrast of white chocolate is just unfair.  Save this treat for your own private chocolate feast, or use it for a very special dessert for those you want to impress.  Once the prep work is done, these are simple to assemble quickly for a classy presentation.

The most challenging thing to ‘learn’ is making the chocolate bowl.  Balloons and I don’t get along because I have arthritic hands/fingers - and it’s all I can do to tie one up (after I miraculously manage to inflate it)  But here you have the advantage of learning from my experience.  

Don’t use water bombs - even though they may appear to be the right size.  Once you just touch the warm chocolate with these thin-skinned guys - they explode.

Instead, go for more ‘substantial’ balloons - 9” or larger.  You won’t need to inflate them fully - just to the size you want your bowls to be.  I have found that most stores don’t sell balloons in bulk any longer - and I had to find mine at the dollar store.  Check the package carefully though - because some have an “assortment”, which can give you a plethora of shapes when all is said and done.

The White Chocolate & Almond Cream is just decadent, and you will use part of the White Chocolate Mousse Drizzle to flavor it.  The original recipe was a little unclear.  I had to study it and try it two ways - and I’ve tried to make it more simple in the directions.  The chocolate cake I used is the Mmmazing Chocolate Bundt from yesterday’s post (HERE).

For these recipes, links to their source, and detailed directions with photos - go to:

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