Friday, July 16, 2010

Upside Down Pizza (in a wok)

Upside down pizza isn’t a new idea.  Most of the time it's baked in an oblong dish - making it less like pizza and more like a casserole.  When you use your wok, you’ll be happy to have one less dish to clean up - as well as an authentic looking pizza pie.  Use Pizza Crust on Ice to make this absolutely fast & easy to prepare.

Upside down pizza just sounded like a good idea, so I’ve had it in the back of my mind for months.  When I was in the mood for homemade pizza tonight, I remembered the pizza crust  I had squirreled away in my freezer months ago.

It’s always a nice surprise when you discover a shortcut you weren’t counting on.  Now, if you do the math - you’ll find that it has been more than four months ago that I made that frozen crust.  The yeast had indeed become tired, but it still tasted fantastic.  However, if you insist on fresh pizza crust, my favorite reliable recipe for a single crust is HERE.

As I was hunting for a baking dish, I found myself reaching for my non-stick wok to brown the ground beef.  *Ding, ding, ding...  That’s when it became obvious to me that this could be even easier than I originally thought.

Because of the curved sides of a wok, you’ll notice that the pizza topping (which is on the bottom) takes up less of the diameter than the pizza crust.  So, once you flip it right side up - the crust will be about 1” larger than the toppings.  No burnt cheese to worry about either, since it is safely buried under the crust.

Be sure to plan ahead before beginning to bake your pizza.  Check for a large enough plate/platter that will easily cover the top of your wok when you take your finished pizza out of the oven.  

It might not look amazing fresh out of the oven, but once flipped on a serving platter you’ll change your mind.

For the recipe - go to:

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