Monday, July 19, 2010

Mini-Burgers / Sliders - no standing over a hot grill...

I admit I have resisted the “slider craze” that seems to have taken over every restaurant menu lately.  Even if you consider yourself a maverick of sorts by avoiding the current food crazes - don’t pass these up.  I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious this seemingly “fast food” item really was.  And convenient...

Now the dog days of summer have moved in with a vengeance - I find myself fighting the urge to use the BBQ grill.  I don’t like turning into a smoky, sweaty beast by the time dinner is served.  When I have the entire crew over for hamburgers, the nostalgic leisurely BBQ never happens.  The meat is never done at the right time and there’s always someone waiting for another “HOT” burger.   

For the past year, when I saw “sliders” on a classy restaurant’s menu - I would shake my head in disbelief.  (What is this anyway - a BURGER joint?¡  If I wanted burgers I would head to Burger King, wouldn’t I?)  When I have the entire family out to eat, at least one person orders sliders - and they’ve had nothing negative to say about them either.  So - I caved.   

This little idea is great for summer - for a few at the table, up to the entire crew.  The meat is perfectly done, the cheese is just right, I don't have to chop fresh onions, and I don’t have to put out a BUFFET of condiments.  Pickles, mustard, and ketchup - done.  And did I mention that they are almost as good when reheated in the microwave?  That sealed the deal - a must try.

I love this method of making burgers.  It couldn’t be easier.  (The best part is the juicy hidden layer of onions that soaks into the bottom bun...)

I chose to make my own burger buns (which I’ll post tomorrow - they were amazingly easy and good) - but using a 24-pack of small party rolls streamlines the process even more.

For the recipe, and a link to the origin of the "slider" - go to:

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