Monday, March 7, 2011

PW Mac 'n Cheese For a Crowd

You have to admit, there’s just no comfort food like a big plate of Mac ‘n Cheese.  I’m not talking about the Blue Box variety - it has to be rich and homemade.  My daughter made this for me when I spent a few days with their family - and I am a born again Mac ‘n Cheese lover.  I have seen the light... this is IT.

Now that all my kids have relocated and are on their own, I find myself longing for the good old days.  It only happens occasionally, (because I love my freedom) - but it’s a real longing to slip back into those “Mom” days by making a kid-friendly, carb-loaded, comfort food main dish.

My daughter’s family (three little boys - need I say more?) embraces any main dish that consists of pasta, white sauce, and cheese.  There’s nothing green, slimy, or “nutritious” here - so there are no power struggles when this is on the menu.  Every family needs at least ONE favorite weeknight meal where kids don’t need to be bribed to clean their plates before dessert is served.  

This is (of course!) a Pioneer Woman favorite.  Trendy it ISN’T - kid pleasing it IS.  And I have to admit, I loved having these leftovers for dinner almost every night for a solid week.  I didn’t feel a bit guilty.

For the recipe, photos, and instructions - go to:

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