Thursday, March 3, 2011

Orange Creme Breakfast Fan

Orange rolls are classic for breakfast, but I can’t start my day with the traditional heavy cream cheese frosting they usually have.   When you read through this recipe, you’ll be surprised at the ingredients for the translucent, buttery glaze.  The orange flavor is very subtle, with flecks of zest throughout.

This is going to have to be a recipe I can’t make too often - it’s just too rich for every day.  But I plan on using it for my next holiday brunch - probably Easter or Christmas.  I tried these on my Conference Center friends today - and they disappeared quickly with lots of compliments.

I found the roll recipe on a website that appears to originate in the UK.  It doesn’t look like it’s currently active, but has several interesting recipes worth browsing through.  Their recipe instructed you to shape them like crescent rolls.  The link is included in the recipe site below.  I decided to “fan” my rolls just for convenience, as well as to make it a little different from the average orange roll.  Next time, I’ll cut the large roll in half, then make two fanned rows - each on a separate baking sheet.

In my mind - the rolls are there just as a vehicle to enjoy the glaze.  I’ve never tasted anything quite like it.  The recipe for the glaze, although incredibly delicious - should probably be cut in half.  It made enough to flood the entire pan.  However, once it cooled - it turned into a creamy topping that could be spread again over the rolls.  My vote would be to make the entire amount of glaze, drizzle half of it over the hot rolls, then pass the remainder in a pretty glass pitcher.

For the recipe, links, and detailed photo tutorial - go to:

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  1. Holy cow!!! My mouth is watering just looking at your pictures. Love the way you fanned out the rolls.