Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waterless Carrots

Have you ever found yourself really stretching to come up with a colorful vegetable that will jazz up a bland-looking main dish?  Carrots are usually the “side” that can brighten up just about anything - but it’s hard add a little personality aside from orange juice and the like.  You will love this method...

I am ridiculous when it comes to food & cooking magazines - I can’t get enough of them, even though most “new” recipes are simply variations of old ones I already have.  I was happy to find my new “Cooks Country” magazine in my mailbox last week, and I always try at least one of their recipes from each issue.

This one, which they call “Miracle Carrots” is an adaptation of a French technique where ribboned carrots are cooked with butter, salt, pepper, and nothing else.  They are cooked in a covered saucepan, using their own moisture to steam themselves.  I’ve always boiled my carrots forever to have them turn out tender enough.  So, this idea was either a myth - or a fantastic timesaving “miracle”.

This really works.  Thanks to Cooks Country - I didn’t have to go through all the trial and error involved in perfecting the method.  These were delicious - even without the freshly snipped chives.  I used dried parsley flakes instead - and although not as colorful - they were perfect.

For the extra-simple steps, with a few tips and how-to's - go to:

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  1. I love Cooks Country - I have online subscriptions to CC and America's Test Kitchen - their information is priceless - we love carrots and will have to try this out!