Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cracked Wheat & Oat Bread

Maybe you don’t make (what most consider) “healthy” breads because you don’t want 4-6 loaves that you just might not love after eating it so often.  This makes ONE very tasty loaf that actually gets better as it ages.  It is soft and tender fresh from the oven, and makes out-of-this-world toast.  A great bread.

After so many decadent food choices during the holidays, it’s almost a relief to settle down to reality again.  January always sends me on a hunt for salads, warm bread, and soup.  

I’ve always loved the texture of oats in a good hearty bread, yet I haven’t discovered what I would consider the ultimate oat bread.  This combination of both cracked wheat and oats just might be one of my favorites.  Allowing the grains to stand in boiling water for just 15 minutes softens them adequately, but keeps the texture intact.  The oats practically disappear with the kneading, but the cracked wheat keeps it interesting.

I also discovered that forming the dough into three balls seemed to prevent the usual “cracking” of the loaf along the sides or down the middle.  I’ll have to try that with white bread to see if it works the same magic...

The recipe, directions, and photos can be found at:


  1. Just want you to know that I think I have found my kindred sister. I am the mother of 5 children ages 24-18 who has loved to cook and try new things since I got married almost 25 years ago. I just happened onto your blog looking for the recipe to make Kneaders cinnamon bread and there you were. I am completely hooked to your blog and have your button on my family blog so I can not only get to your blog quickly, but share it with any and all who share "our" passion. Thanks for all the great recipes and all your hard work. You are so great to not only share your recipe knowledge, but to photograph it all so well and be willing to have the trial and error that we all have from time to time trying to make the recipe what our families will love. I see you just had a missionary leave, i as well have a missionary that is leaving to Argentina. Many great hopes and wishes for you and yours in this new year. I look forward to many more great recipes.
    Merinda Crane

  2. Oh, you are so kind! I (selfishly) created this back in 2007 for just my family - they were always calling me with cooking questions, where IS that recipe, etc... and it saved time to have it all in one place, with a search option to boot! The internet is my friend for that reason, and also because it helps me connect with great people like you. Hope you are finding things that are helpful. And - good luck with your son's mission. What a great adventure you have ahead of you. I'm so sad this is my last one. Best wishes this new year...

  3. What a pretty loaf of bread! Fabulous crust and crumb....I could just break it apart along the seams and eat 1/3 of it right now ~

  4. I am a long time fan and lurker ;) My family absolutely loved this bread. Thank you for another healthy delightful recipe!