Saturday, January 8, 2011

Deanna's Potatoes - simple comfort food

January is the ideal time to scale back and simplify, but not a good time to skimp on comfort food.  This is the month to catch up on all those things you’ve been too busy to do - like reading in your easy chair.  This recipe is both - simple & easy, yet a true comfort food for cold dark winter days.

Deanna Roberts has been one of my Conference Center friends for over eight years now.  She is an entertainer extraordinaire, and I’ve put several of her recipes on this site.  We were having our Christmas party a month ago, and she and I both volunteered to bring potatoes.  As we talked about what we were bringing - she surprised me by saying she was bringing really simple potatoes.  Deanna is NOT a simple recipe kind of gal.  

These potatoes were amazing.  They were fork tender, and full of flavor - yet not bland and mushy.  When I asked her how they were made, I was suspicious.  But knowing Deanna’s reputation for making delicious food - I had to try them.  

You can make enough for one or fifty - and it's easily adapted to whatever size crowd you are serving.  These will be ready and in your oven in less than half an hour.  They take about 1 hour to bake, and they are the right side dish with just about any meal.  Simple shouldn’t be this good.

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