Monday, January 3, 2011

Calypso Spinach Salad

If you think I made this as part of my New Years’ resolutions - you’re wrong.  Yes, I need to lose weight.  Yes, I need to watch what I eat after all the holiday overconsumption.  But... I made this (my version of a Rumbi’s classic) because it is just so delicious.  It seemed to be the right meal for a Sunday evening when I’m tired of heavy holiday fare.

During the Holidays my daughter & her husband took me to Rumbi’s Island Grill.  I had no idea what to order, so I tried their Calypso Spinach Salad w/Chicken.  I’ve been dreaming of it ever since.  
When I looked it up on the web - I found it was pretty healthy.  The Rumbi version has grilled chicken, red onion, cabbage, and feta cheese - which would make it even better.  Since all I had was a turkey breast (and no feta, which was a shame) I made do with what I had.  I tried a few Balsamic Vinaigrette dressings, and this is the one that I thought was closest.  If I had added honey mustard, it would have been spot-on.

I also found a great recipe for sugared walnuts (the usual caramelized walnuts are just too sweet and HARD, in my opinion).  These are lightly sweet, take very little time and skill to make, and are great to munch on - in or out of a salad.

It is simple to adapt this salad recipe to your personal preferences.  So - whether you want a salad for noble reasons, or just a craving - this will not disappoint you. 

For the recipe(s) & directions for everything included in this salad, go to:

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