Monday, November 22, 2010

A Taste of Thanksgiving...

Have anyone in your family MFD (missing from dinner) this Thanksgiving?

When any of my kids can't be at my house for the big meal, the only thing they feel really bad about missing is PIE.  Pie around here is our indulgence of choice.  Turkey, potatoes - all that "fluff" is what you push around with your fork until it's time for pie.

The entire day before Thanksgiving is spent making pie (in mass).  Some years I've made 15 - 20 pies, depending on how many will be here.  This year will be a modest pie year.

I have one of my kids who will be missing pie Thursday, so I tried to figure out how to ship a few to him.  Obviously - banana cream, lemon meringue, and pumpkin (his favorites) wouldn't make it past the post office without looking like roadkill.  

I made mini fruit pies (he likes apple and peach) with a double crust to help cushion the turbulence.  Immediately after baking, I froze them overnight till hard.   Using my foodsaver, I used the 'pulse' setting till the air was just barely removed so I wouldn't crush them.  

I then packed them in a sheet of bubble wrap, using some paper plates and napkin-wrapped forks for even more cushioning.

I'll let you know how they arrived.  Using two-day Priority Mail, they just might have enough flavor to bring him a taste of home.

Anyone out there know a better way?  I'd love your suggestions!  Feel free to leave a comment...


  1. You must be the designated pie maker in the family! I would love to know how these arrived, as I have a son in Indiana who won't be home for the holidays.
    Thanksgiving at our house wouldn't be the same without homemade rolls. We fight over these!

  2. Frieda;
    I can only imagine how amazing your homemade rolls are - I'll have to check them out. I will be sure to let you know how these pies fared in the US Postal service - (I'm not expecting miracles). But - judging from how VERBAL my boys have always been - I may never know! Have a great Thanksgiving.