Friday, November 19, 2010

Pink & Chocolate Cream Puffs

At first glance, you wouldn’t think these chocolate iced cream puffs have anything unusual inside.  The burst of fresh strawberry flavor in a rich creamy mousse is surprising.  Cream cheese makes it silky smooth and rich.  The cream puff (my recipe is HERE) makes a delicious shell for both chocolate and berries.

I was asked to help with refreshments to fit a “pink & chocolate” theme for a baby shower recently - and I was stumped.  Shower treats are so much easier to navigate when they can be eaten with your fingers, so I decided on cream puffs.
The only pink thing I could come up with was strawberries.  Since strawberry season had long since passed - I used sliced berries I had frozen from last summer.  

The cream cheese gave it a mousse-like texture, but it needed to be “pipe-able” as well - so I added a little cream.  It was perfect.  A little swirl of homemade chocolate frosting added a nice finishing touch.  Be sure to refrigerate before serving if you like your mousse semi-firm.

For this simple shower refreshment idea, go to:

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