Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scott's Brown Sugar Grilled Salmon

I have no idea who “Scott” is - but this is a great way to enjoy frozen salmon.  If you are enjoying huddling in your warm house this time of year, the grill really isn’t necessary.  We really enjoyed this baked in our oven, but look forward to trying it outdoors on our grill next season also.

Last August, (being the ‘outdoors’ type person I am not...) I posted about our sport fishing trip to Alaska.  I have fond memories of that trip - especially since my youngest son is leaving in a few weeks on a mission.

When we had our catch shipped home, they sent an information packet about how to store, thaw, and cook your salmon.  I noticed a tiny little paragraph (that looked like an afterthought) at the very back of the packet.  It simply stated: 
“And here’s a big favorite of Scott’s family”.
I wondered - “who is Scott?” - after all, this is from Jerry’s Meats & Seafoods in Juneau.  But I trusted them, and tried it.  Now it’s one of our favorites too.  Maybe you’ll agree.

Like everything I pay big money for - I’ve ‘saved’ the salmon for special occasions.  When I opened the freezer door yesterday (after Halloween was all over with) - I decided it was time to savor last summer.

For this easy & quick-to-fix recipe, go to:


  1. Looks yummy. Hope to try it except I can't see the recipe for it.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I've changed the font slightly, so it should show up now. Let me know if it's still 'invisible'...

  3. I would also love to try the salmon--looks delicious! But I cannot see the recipe either. (I also wanted to try your 'Freezeable Cool-Rise Rolls', and I can't see that recipe either.) Thanks!

  4. This time might be the charm... give them both a try and let me know if it worked (or not). Thanks for reading, commenting, AND alerting me - sometimes I never hear when there's a problem.

  5. Thanks, I got both recipes. They look wonderful, I'm excited to try them.