Friday, October 29, 2010

Pre Trick-or-Treat Tummy Warmers

When my children were small, I remember trying to coerce them into having something nice and HOT before going out trick-or-treating on Halloween.  It rarely worked.  I remember trying Dinner-In-A-Pumpkin, and they just thought it was weird to bake something we had on our front porch all lit up with candles.  (Ring a bell with anyone?)  
Dinner In A Pumpkin
So, in the last few years (when I actually had children at home that were still that age) - I made finger foods that they could easily grab, eat, and then fly out the door.  I've posted lots of those earlier (check the "Halloween" posts in the categories, or do a custom search at the very bottom of this blog)

I found it was easier to have an early Halloween dinner (or a late lunch), with all those fun finger foods.  I then put on a few soups in the early afternoon for the adults to enjoy at their leisure later that night.  I even found the kids following their noses to the kitchen for soup - but only after lining up their "stash" of candy and conducting Wall Street-style candy trading with their siblings.

Stay warm this Halloween night.  To help you do that - here are a few of our recent soup favorites...

Pumpkin Chili

Smooth-As-Silk Banana Squash 

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