Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chocolate Zucchini Cake w/Sour Cream Frosting

Last night my garden bit the dust - courtesy of the first frost.  There’s no better way to bid farewell to zucchini than with this moist, flavorful chocolate cake.  You could be entirely satisfied with it UN-frosted, but adding this creamy sour cream frosting brings it up several notches.  Delicious!

Some people watch TV for fun - I browse food blogs.  Less drama, more calories, and definitely more motivation.  It also breeds an insatiable desire in me to create and experiment.  
The web is a wonderful thing - it used to take YEARS to find recipes like this one, and I found it with one random click.  Of course, I had to alter it... (it’s in the genes)

Just a few notes on how this combination came to be:  
This is the perfect way to use up that frozen shredded zucchini that has developed a nasty ‘odor’under ice.  That enzyme/odor totally disappears with baking - but you’ll wonder about it as you place it in the oven.  I made it a second time with fresh zucchini - and I must say it turned out better using my old frozen squash from a year ago.

Next - you will wonder if you are changing your oil in the first few steps of this recipe.  Combining the oil and cocoa really resembles an oil slick - but no worries.  It turns out fabulous.  I changed a few steps in the recipe, which made it easier and less bother.

I also used a different frosting in place of the glaze.  (And since it's Halloween, I tinted it orange - perfect for this week)   The sour cream frosting was perfect (thanks Jamie!) and made just the right amount.  You could also choose to simply dust with powdered sugar if you wish, but that’s not nearly as fun.  I wish you could taste how moist this is...

For this recipe, along with step-by-step photos and sources - go to:

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