Saturday, October 30, 2010

Autumn Crunch & Munch

Take care of the odds & ends of fall candy by adding a little white chocolate.  Mixing in some ‘healthy’ snacks with all that sugar just might help you feel justified in not throwing it all away.  Nice to bag up for friends & coworkers - and maybe leave a little container on your neighbor’s porch.

I am a firm believer that you can change any ingredient from “so-so” to “WOW” by helping it take a swim in melted white chocolate.  

Now I’m a Grandma, I’m enjoying keeping bowls of Halloween candy on my tables nowadays.  I feel that’s OK because that’s what OUR parents did to (unwittingly) turn our little ones into sugar deranged monsters this time of year.  I consider it SWEET payback.

But they’re off trick-or-treating in their own neighborhoods tonight, and I just couldn’t bring myself to throw what’s left away.  

The mixture of sweet/salty/crunchy/chewy is really pretty tasty.  See if you don’t agree...

You'll find easy amounts, directions, and photos at:

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