Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rule Breaker Chocolate Chip Cookies

Anyone who is joined at the hip to their “favorite” chocolate chip cookie recipe really needs to experience these cookies.  It breaks all the rules you learned in your home ec class years ago.   

No creaming the butter & sugar, beating till fluffy - none of that.  But you can’t spill the beans about the secret ingredient until everyone tries them.  They’re so good, they won’t care.

A few months ago - Easter to be exact - I was looking for ways to use leftover boiled eggs.  Now that summer is here - with potato salad, macaroni salad, egg salad, etc... I find I’m in the same dilemma.  That’s how I remembered these unusual cookies I tried back in April.  

This recipe resulted from an experiment by cookiemadness, bakingandboys, and clumbsycookie food sites.  They describe these as “big, fat, sturdy cookies that hold up well.”  The boiled egg seems to keep the cookies fresh longer - and the center has a moist, yet crumbly texture.  You can make these entirely in a food processor if desired, but I made mine in my bread mixer - with good results.  

I have a hard time with the word “amazing” - which rolls off the tongue to describe just about any recipe lately.  I wouldn’t use that word here, but make no mistake - these are really very good...  The moist, chewy - yet still crumbly texture is really satisfying.

And - just so you don’t lose any sleep over it - you will never be able to find the boiled egg after baking.  They really do go undercover.

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