Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lettuce Wraps - (PF Chang style)

It must be the combination of crunch, freshness, and an explosion of so many flavors that makes lettuce wraps so irresistible.  It’s probably a good thing they aren’t “all-you-can-eat”, or I would never know when to quit.  Most copy-cat recipes come close, but this one has to be a clone of the real thing.

If you’ve never experienced lettuce wraps - I can only describe them as Chinese tacos, with the lettuce being the tortilla.  Even if you think you don’t like Chinese - these will turn you into a loyal fan.  The ingredients aren’t exotic (as you may suspect), and it doesn’t require endless slicing & dicing.  

I find myself craving these whenever I drive past Pei Wei (the “budget” version of PF Chang’s).  I've enjoyed them at both PF Chang's and Pei Wei - and I really can't tell any difference in the two.  I don’t enjoy eating out by myself - but for these, I wouldn’t think twice.  

When I saw this on honwhatsfordinner - I was really motivated.  She doesn’t cite her recipe source, so I can’t help you there.  

I did have to dash to the grocery store at 11:45 PM the night before I served these for Sunday dinner to pick up ground turkey, green onions, and hoisin sauce (which was annoying...)  But now that I have the right ingredients - I can make these any time I get the craving.  

I have kept the filling tightly sealed in the refrigerator, and it’s so simple to take out to warm up one serving at a time.  At Pei Wei, they serve these with a side of some kind of sauce.  I rarely bother drizzling it on, because there is plenty of flavor in the filling.  Make sure your lettuce is CRISP - otherwise, there is no pleasure in the consumption.

For the complete recipe, photos, and a link to the source - go to:

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  1. What a lovely recipe. Your instructions make it very easy to make these at home. Wraps are one of my favorite summer foods. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary