Monday, July 12, 2010

Popeye Biscuits

These are a fast fix when a meal isn’t quite complete without a bread of some kind.  They look pretty average on top, but once you lift them from the baking dish - you’ll see they were baking in a shallow layer of real butter.  So tender you can eat them with a fork - but you don’t need to be proper - licking your buttery fingers adds to the experience.

After finding this recipe on, I noticed this same exact recipe had several names - and most of them were called 7-Up Biscuits.  Since you can use any brand of lemon-lime soda - I thought the “Popeye” title had more personality.  

Apparently there is a fried chicken franchise originating in Louisiana called Popeyes.  Besides their Bonafide Chicken - they are well known for their biscuits.  Since I’ve never experienced them, I can only imagine how they taste - and this biscuit recipe is supposed to be close to the original.

What made me curious to try them was how simple and easy they appeared to be.  There are only four ingredients, so that would make them fast.  I decided it would be even more quick to not roll them, as they direct in all the recipes I found.  I used my large food scoop to portion the sticky dough into the butter filled pan - so much easier than cutting them on a floured board. 

These aren’t your light-as-air-flaky-layered dream biscuits, but they make a decent side that you won’t need to apologize for.  The two characteristics that we liked about them is how tender they are, and how delicious they are with butter on the bottom.  That eliminates the need to butter them at the table.  Just drizzle with honey or jam and enjoy.

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