Friday, July 9, 2010

"Oreo" Black-Eyed Susans

Men just don’t “get” us women sometimes... and I can see why.  For some reason, women think that making something (totally unrelated) look like something else is clever.  But kids think the same way (till they grow up anyway).  If you have kids in your kitchen, they should enjoy making sunflowers taste as sweet as these do.

As a woman, I am wired to function according to “THEMES”.  Men react to this tendency in women much like one of Newton’s laws of motion - “an equal and opposite reaction”.  

What I am saying here is this:  You will never find men making sunflowers out of cookies & candy.  Never.  And men would never think you need a theme for a lunch or dinner gathering.

My husband (bless his heart), and my sons would all react the same way to my sunflower theme for dinner.  Polite amusement.  

But kids, on the other hand, really get into themes.  It must be because of their amazing elementary school teachers.  These would be easy to put together with kids - if you can keep them from consuming most of the candy, eating the ‘other’ half of the cookies, and ‘accidentally’ damaging the peanut butter cups so they can’t be used.  At least that’s what my children would have done if I had tried this with them years ago...

I wanted to make something for a little give-away favor at a recent dinner for my church calling.  After all the cooking & preparation, my mind was drawing a blank when I was wandering up and down the aisles at Walmart the night before.  I had a bowl of sunflowers as a centerpiece and wanted to put something sunflower-related on each place setting for everyone to take home.  

As is common for me, my inspiration usually arrives in the cookie/candy aisles.  I had the colors of yellow and black on my mind as I pondered over lots of items on the shelves.  When I saw the lemon drops and candy corn - BINGO!  It was easy to come up with the black sandwich cookies - and no - they aren’t Oreo brand.  I like to give equal time to Famous Amos - they’re just as good.  I wasn’t sure these would work till I got them home, but I was pleasantly surprised.  

Just a little FYI:  If you ever wonder if you should hang on to just a bit of leftover frosting when you are finished baking - you’ll be glad you did when making something like this (at 1:00 AM).

For more instructions & details for this "flower favor" - go to :

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  1. that is so cute!! i love this idea!!!