Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lime Buttercream Cupcakes

This is an out-of-the-ordinary cupcake recipe, but the lime buttercream is even more ‘interesting’(?)  You’ll be doubting yourself all the way through the directions, but if you follow it exactly - you’ll love the results.  Pre-filling the cupcakes with lime curd before topping makes these divine.

In case you’re wondering - I don’t have a lime orchard in my backyard.  I succumbed to the color of a large bag of limes at the store a few weeks ago.  They looked so gorgeous on my table, I couldn’t resist.  And besides - when I grew weary of them as a centerpiece, I could always use them up in new recipes like this one.  This is SO out of my box!

I found this recipe on (one of my favorite sites), and the frosting recipe really caught my attention.  The fact that you cook egg whites, add butter, and whip it forever made me want to disprove that it works.  Yes - it does work.  But you need to pay close attention to it the entire time and be prepared to use it immediately when it finally whips up beautifully.  My problem is (and has always been) that I always have too many irons in the fire!  

You may want to pre-bake the cupcakes the day before you need them, and then devote your full attention to the buttercream for a successful outcome.  I decided to stop beating in the middle of the process and talk (for hours) on the phone with my daughters that day.  

When I came back, the optimal time for finishing the whipping had passed and I couldn’t find enough time to do it right after that.  (But I love chatting with my three married daughters - they rank WAY above cupcakes)  And... it was 98° outside - and not much better inside - I’m sure that had something to do with it... 

I decided to throw the buttercream in the refrigerator and forget I ever started it.  Until last night.  Then I resurrected it with a little powdered sugar.  

They really were decadent, but I can still recall the velvety, dreamy texture of the buttercream as it finally ‘came together’ when I experimented with this the first time a week ago.  The buttercream really is amazing, and I’m going to give it a try when the hot weather moderates.

The baked cupcakes refrigerate well also - I simply filled them with the lime curd and placed them on a covered baking sheet, storing them till I was ready to pipe on the buttercream.  

(Just right for portioning "one" cupcake per day, instead of having an entire CAKE to chip away at...)  These don’t look show-stopping, but they are yummy.

For the cupcake & buttercream recipes, the link to the lime curd, and plenty of step-by-step photos & directions - go to:

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