Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mary Nickles' Broccoli Salad

In case you aren’t from Utah, Mary Nickles is a news anchor on KUTV2 here.  She sometimes hosts a segment on healthy cooking - where she shared this very healthy recipe.  It looks complicated, but it tastes divine.  There are so many flavors going on you need to take your time to savor each bite.

Another great neighbor and friend - Kris, shared this recipe with me.  It is absolutely gorgeous, not to mention low calorie and healthy as well.  A heaping salad plate should easily meet anyone’s daily requirement for fresh fruit & veggies.

I love salads with lots of crunch and texture.  It keeps things interesting and makes me feel more satisfied after a meal than the typical “low calorie” dish.  
Give it a try and wait for a delayed reaction of timid surprise.

For the recipe, go to:

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