Friday, July 30, 2010

Dining at the Super 8 - not pretty, but pretty GOOD.

If you’ve ever had your kitchen out of commission for very long - it won’t take much to make you long for something made from scratch.  Many circumstances can contribute to a temporary lack of kitchen facilities, but it's still possible to enjoy some home cooking.  (These ideas also work when you can’t stand the heat in your kitchen)

If you haven’t already, someday you will you will wish you knew how to cook in a hotel room.  
My daughter & her husband are in their second season of summer sales - trying to stay positive as they endure heat, teeny-tiny towns, and living in whatever cheap hotel they can find (currently a Super-8...)

Occasionally I get a call from her, as she is standing in a Walmart trying to come up with yet another meal for the crock pot.   I wish I could send a home-cooked meal through the phone line.

We’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming on the phone about what can and can’t be made in a crock pot.  We’ve even experimented and shared the results with each other (many of which are on this site)  But sometimes you just miss what you’re used to.   So, I tried to come up with some Sunday Dinner standby recipes - and although they aren’t attractive and photo-worthy - they really hit the spot when you’re hungry.
And hey - does it count as ‘roughing it’ if you have a mini refrigerator and a popcorn microwave?  If you want to have some fun - try googling “cooking in a hotel room”.   (Check out one person’s quest for making everything in a coffee pot HERE)  It’ll make you think twice about using a hotel iron and coffee maker. 

For these recipes for Candy Chicken, Slow Cooker Funeral Potatoes, and Crock Pot Steamed Carrots - go to:

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