Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blackberry Lemonade - 'polar opposite' of straight lemonade...

There’s something hypnotizing about a big fat blackberry.  The price right now for blackberries reels me right in, and there are so many ways to use them.  Since I don’t need one more pie or cobbler - this dark, sweet lemonade was just right for a hot summer evening.  To enhance the color even more, all it takes is a few drops of blue food coloring.

Berries this time of year can take over your refrigerator - much the same as apples in the fall.  I just can’t pass them up.  After all the cobblers, crisps, pies, and cakes - I thought it was time for a beverage.  (I've grown accustomed to the beverage I use for everything - Orange Water - and needed a change)

The problem with blackberries is how they are packed with huge seeds.  A lot of fruits have seeds, but they aren’t as noticeable as those in a blackberry.  It’s hard to match blackberries for their rich color and flavor.  They are loaded with antioxidants, and especially fiber.  One serving is 21% of your daily value of fiber - not to mention all the nutrients.  A blackberry is not a true berry - but is an aggregate fruit.

My in-laws had an entire patch of these - and in Utah, they are sometimes called “Dewberries”.  Picking them was a labor of love - and you wore the evidence for several days after tackling the thorn-filled patch.  I remember we used to guard the Dewberry jam and only brought it out of the freezer once in a great while.  The kids used to cry when we told them we were going over to the Grandparents' to pick them (we were good at enforcing child labor...)

This beverage is not full of pulp and seeds, as most of it is strained out.  But - due to the nature of the fruit, it’s not crystal clear like a purchased beverage.  But you will probably not notice it (until you get to the last few drops anyhow)

I added more sugar than it called for (another 1/3 cup - probably because my blackberries were not overly ripe?)  You can also substitute artificial sweetener of your choice to lower the calorie count.

You may consider doubling this, in light of the fact that it takes the same number of dishes and amount of cleanup for twice the yield.  I keep it in my refrigerator in quart jars - ready when needed for a refreshing summery beverage.

For the recipe, hints, and photos - go to:

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