Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blue Bottom Bundts - drenched in a light lemon glaze.

Have you ever wanted to recognize someone’s birthday, but didn’t want to go all out with a CAKE?   A friend doesn’t really expect a cake - but you want to do something...  This teeny-tiny bite of YUM will let you know you are thinking of a special someone - without the boatload of extra calories that you 'give' with a standard cake... 

In my church calling I try to recognize the birthdays of the twelve women I am directly responsible for.  Unfortunately, their birthdays are not evenly spaced throughout the year - and I can’t get them all taken care of in one fell swoop.  

Rather than make cake so often throughout the year, I decided to freeze these little mini-bundt cakes and bring them out one-at-a-time as the birthdays happen.  If they are wrapped very carefully, (and loaded with fruit) the thawed cake is virtually the same as fresh.

With all the berry mania going on right now, I seem to plan my cooking around which berry catches my attention on a given day.  Blueberries were center stage a few weeks ago (and still are around here) - so I used a favorite recipe in a new way.

I have a Pampered Chef stoneware bundt pan, but I haven’t been successful in getting a standard cake recipe to completely fill the six openings (without overflowing all over my oven anyway)   When I ran across these semi-disposable oven safe mini-bundts at my local Robert’s Crafts - I brought a few 2-packs home to try.  This recipe filled three of the six-cavity pans just about right.

Disposable bakeware of this type isn’t going to give you the perfectly browned outer crust you see in the amazing food photography out there.  But if you are adding a glaze, who’s to know?  (Notice that little 'pool' of lemon glaze that collects in the center of the cake - yum.)

For photos, instructions, and a link to the recipe, go to:

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