Tuesday, May 11, 2010

White Chocolate Cake w/Lemon Cream - lemon nirvana...

Fresh lemon flavor paired with a rich white chocolate cake really add a touch of spring to a special  dessert.  The ‘cream‘ uses Greek style yogurt and is surprisingly delicious with just a tiny amount of sugar.  Top with fresh berries in season, or canned fruit pie filling and it’s a sweet finale.  

On Mother’s Day I like to make a show-stopping dessert for my Mom.  She is responsible for my memories of home-style comfort food.  Meals were always served on a table that had been set, not thrown together.  I wish I could claim that same thing happened at my home as my children grew up.   I did have a 75% success rate though (because the other 25% of the time dinner was on hold because of the guys - but I've forgiven them) 

I adapted this from the (April 17, 2010) Woman’s Day magazine.  Woman’s Day is a great little fast read as you stand in a checkout line at the grocery store.   Their photo is outstanding, and puts mine to shame - but here you get some “how-to’s” (and some mindless narration)

The thing that caught my eye was that it called for Greek style yogurt (but to be completely honest, it was the WHITE CHOCOLATE that got my attention)  I sampled this strange new phenomenon in yogurt one day and I was less than impressed.  As I’ve heard people say - you either RAVE about it, or hate it - and my experience was the latter. 

But... combine this yogurt with heavy cream?  I had to try it.  And I must admit, it wasn’t half bad.  I’m sure it was liberated because it was layered with LEMON CURD.  I’ve used lemon curd before in a Lemon Mousse Filling for a Frosty Faced Layered Cake (link on those names for the recipes).  

This lemon curd however is divine.  It’s from my friend Kris... It uses just the yolks of the eggs, and it’s lemon nirvana - tart, creamy, and delicious.

The white chocolate cake is simple to make, and yields a rich dense cake that isn’t prone to falling in the center.  If you’re looking for light - this isn’t it.  But it makes a great base for some very serious filling - which a light airy cake can’t support. 

For the complete recipe with photo tutorial - including the cake, lemon curd, and the lemon cream - go to:

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