Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Simple Sauteed Carrots - a last minute solution...

It seems the last thing I think of just before dinner is on the table is a vegetable. I spend so much effort on the main dish, it’s easy to ignore the course that can really compliment the meal. These are best when tender/crisp, and we like them with just a touch of honey or sugar added at the last minute.

I was hosting a ward dinner group a few weeks ago, and it was questionable if one of the couples would be able to attend at the last minute. (Don’t you love those last minute surprises?) Of course, they were bringing a salad, and there was no time to punt at that point.

That brought to mind this idea my friend Jennie shared with me. She says her family loves these carrots, and they are perfect with just about any meal.

I was a little apprehensive about serving this without trying it beforehand, but I had no choice. I was worried they would be either under or overcooked - but they turned out perfectly.  (Just follow the directions on when to turn the heat ON and OFF)

This is fast to throw together, adds great color and texture to any menu, and it is certainly good for you. I only wish I had had fresh parsley to chop and add at the last minute - it would have been so pretty. A dash of lemon or orange juice gives it an entirely different result - so try that as well.

I used bagged baby carrots and saved the time and mess of peeling and washing. A food processor can be a lifesaver at crunch time too.

For this quickie recipe, photos, and directions - go to:

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