Thursday, May 13, 2010

'Sensible' Snack Packs - the right size.

Have you ever wanted to take a little “something” to someone when you visit - but they don’t particularly appreciate something sweet?  They may eye you suspiciously at first, but once they break into this little box of healthy treats - they’ll be thanking you.  A fun container can make anything inside special.

I love to receive a plate of treats occasionally, but sometimes it turns out to be the catalyst to destroy all my good intentions.  It’s usually when I’ve been especially GOOD in cutting calories and spending a good amount of time on the elyptical.  Inevitably - that’s when those with good intentions bring me a plate of goodies that I just can’t resist.  

When I make monthly Visiting Teaching visits (*see an explanation below of what ‘visiting teaching’ is...) - lately I’ve tried to bring something healthy for that very reason.  I’ve found that all you really need to dress up a boring ‘treat’ is a fun container - and make it single size.

There are several things you can package like this.  A veggie dip pack like the one shown being assembled at the top is just one idea.

The links & instructions for these (and other possibilities) can be found at:

*In the LDS church, our women’s organization (called the Relief Society) assigns two women to make a monthly personal visit to each woman.  In my own instance, these special friends visit me, teach me, help me, and look out for me.  When they come into my home they share an uplifting Gospel message, then we enjoy visiting and sharing our lives with each other.  Each time I’ve had a crisis in my life (such as the birth of a child, someone hospitalized, and especially when my husband passed away) they’ve been at my door ready to help me, and most importantly - love me.  Most women in the LDS church know the value of bringing a meal at times like these.  But sometimes we love to cook for one another just ‘because’.  


  1. This is a great idea. I always love fruit and veggies and dip.

  2. Anne, it was great to meet you today. I hope we can see each other again at future events.

  3. Good to meet you also... I visited your blog again, and it was exactly as I remembered - beautiful, elegant recipes.