Friday, May 14, 2010

Cheesy Chicken Chilaquiles - try it for breakfast (?)

If you (like me) think you’ve had every chicken dish conceivable, you might change your opinion with this recipe.  Although not one I would call a favorite, it's a good change of pace Mexican meal.  I was surprised it is served most often as a breakfast or brunch entree, and eggs can be substituted for the chicken.

I’m embarrassed to post this recipe in light of what I’m posting tomorrow.  I am a hopeless “gringo” - as I have no background in the origin of Mexican food.  You could say I’m a fan of Americanized Mexican.  

I grumbled all the way to the grocery store yesterday (at the witching hour of 5:00) to pick up these ingredients I don’t typically keep on hand.  This time it was salsa verde, queso fresco, and a seasoning called “Southwestern Seasoning Mix”.  

I made a search online to see if I could make this seasoning mix myself - and (of COURSE!) I was missing only one ingredient:  ground coriander.  Making this recipe wasn’t a total loss - it helped me discover a great seasoning.  It will be a great alternative to taco seasoning and the like.  

This isn’t a good-looking dish when it’s finished.  I thought it was interesting to look up the term “chilaquiles” - and found that they are known as a cure for the common hangover.   Those who live in Mexico sometimes believe that spicy foods help in the recovery process from a hangover.  So... I guess if you are hung over, you won’t really notice this isn’t food-network-worthy?!

This is a good change from the norm, but next time I’ll stick with my Americanized Mexican One-Dish recipes.  I found it on - where they have lots of fun ideas for the common chicken.

For the recipe, directions, and photos - go to:

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